"Warrior Rising"

- 21 day body, mind & spirit transformation -


Lacking motivation and inspiration? Struggling to get up in the morning? Become a bit of a couch potato during the pandemic? 

I hear you. This last year has brought with it big changes for all of us and it's not easy establishing better, healthier and more aligned habits and routines.

Changes never happen when we stay in our comfort zone. Winners don't do the easy thing. EVER! I guarantee you that! Doing the hard thing takes determination, discipline and will power. So I have come up with a unique 3 week programme to do just that. To take you out of your comfort zone and kick start transformation and growth!

Whether you are simply looking for a challenge, want to upgrade your body and mind or you have been caught in a bit of a negative spiral and looking for a new direction, this is the programme for you!


Through Warrior Rising you will:

  • build physical strength (esp. core)

  • elevate your mood

  • upgrade your mindset

  • create discipline

  • release fear

  • create a new outlook and motivation for the future

  • start your day with a fun workout, guided live

  • stay motivated with like minded community​

And all it takes is 30 mins per day!!!!!!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

"Warrior Rising"

3. - 23. May 2021

The programme

Monday - Fridays @ 7AM: 30 mins live training

Saturdays & Sundays: Pre recorded yoga class & Meditation


What does it include?

- 1 welcome session & introduction  

- 15 guided 30 min live sessions (breath work, warm up, strength building drills and cool down)

- 3 pre recorded yoga classes 

- 3 guided meditations

- weekly practices for upgrading mind & soul

BONUS!!!! + 1 month FREE membership for BeYogi Online

Are you ready to leap?

You'll get all the above PLUS one month free membership to BeYogi Online (worth € 29)

for just € 99!

(So you're only paying around € 3 per session!)

How is the programme structured?

In week 1 you will get practices to release your fears and doubts. Clearing out and creating space.

Week 2 is for envisioning and getting clear on what it is that you want.

In week 3 you will draw your dreams and visions closer into your reality.

Warrior Rising consist of 3 elements:

- Breath and physical strength building practice (Mon - Fri) --> these sessions are LIVE, but can be accessed via replay if you can't make.

- Journalling guidance for each week


- a meditation for each section off the work to do in your own time


What if I can't make the lives?

You can access all classes on replay on the website. You have access for 6 weeks in total.

Where does the programme take place?

The live sessions are taking place here on the BeYogi Online website. 

It's a live stream so you won't need a camera, just a computer or mobile device.

What time does it start?

Monday to Friday starts at 7AM (CET), Saturdays and Sundays you receive a yoga class to do in your own time.

The morning class takes 30 mins.


I hope to see you soon.

With LOVE,