Roll out your mat and take a deep breath. Take some time out just for YOU. Need to wind down from a super hectic day? Do you just have 15mins in the morning? Are you a busy mum and trying to fit in precious me time and mindfulness. BeYogi Online has you covered. 

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Upcoming LIVE events for members only 

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday @ 07:00 - "Warrior Rising" (for Warrior members only)

24. July: LIVE class @ 09:00 - "Strength & Fluidity"

26. July: Ecstatic Dance @ 20:00

31. July: LIVE class @ 09:00 "Hips & Hamstring Happiness"

Why BeYogi Online?


Unlimited on demand streaming of classes

No time restriction or limit. Practice whenever and for any amount of time anywhere you are.

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Weekly LIVE sessions & BONUS events

Check in with Carina personally with 2 weekly lives, monthly calls and bonus events


Be part of a thriving community

Yoga is a practice, a lifestyle that connects us. Meet like minded people in the VIP membership community and join the monthly Zoom calls, where we speak about different topics.

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Monthly Membership

Take unlimited classes with a monthly membership. No extra or hidden fees. 

A Word from Our Trainees


First of all, I have a practice! First time I've ever done regular yoga - that's a win in itself. And although I, like most, focus on shortcomings (still have the tightest hips and hamstrings in the world!), I also notice what I can do, how my practice is evolving. I can do a crow! Woo hoo!! 

Greater physical strength (and a wee bit of additional flexibility in those hips of mine) has been a big factor. However, as big a factor is the growth in my confidence to try as I realise that I was mentally holding myself back too. So on days like today, when I find the practice hard work, technology is not my friend and my body just doesn't seem able to do the most basic of moves, I remember that it's a journey and the highs from my practice far outweigh the lows. 

hope, continue to be. See you mat!

— Michelle, UK


"To Carina and my fellow yogis - love and gratitude for the last 12 weeks. You gave me focus and made each day start in a positive

way from those first dark mornings to June's dazzling sunlight. Don't know what I'd have done without you, so thank you from my heart!"

— Celia, UK


"Carina`s daily online classes helped me find connection to my body once again. Her extra courses introduced me to meditation and breathing techniques which I hadn’t practiced before. The community- brimming with waves of positive energy and power was the best start to my day! 

I am so thankful and really want to keep this practice going!"

— Rowena, UK/Switzerland


"It started easy with a few yogaclasses and ended up in a almost daily ritual or actually new routine. We became a retreat-family . ONLINE!

Carina I am so thankful for your work, your ideas, the tools u gave us, the impules, inspiritationen, challenges...bringing lovley people together. "

— Bianca, Germany/Ibiza




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